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Need An iPod Touch Glass Screen Repair Or LCD Display Repair?

May 30, 2018 | 0 Comments

When you own an expensive device, such as an iPod Touch, you will likely do everything in your power to not cause damage to the screen. By purchasing a case for your iPod, you will be able to prevent a lot of damage from occurring due to drops or falls. However, even the best cases can have problems withstanding concrete or other hard surfaces. In some situations, the iPod Touch case can offer protection to the outside of the device, but then you will have interior damage to the LCD screen. 

When the inner LCD screen of an iPod Touch is damaged, you may see the results in the form of blurred lines, inky spots, or you may even have a white or black solid-colored screen. This is often referred to as a dead screen on an iPod Touch, and in some cases may not even be repairable. However, any other issues are typically deemed to be common damage to iPod LCD screens, in which case a repair is possible. 

Another commonly damaged area of an iPod Touch is the touch screen itself.  Even with screen protectors, the screen can become scratched. If dropped, it can even become cracked to the point of resembling a spider's web. This happens so often, actually, that spiderweb cracks are a common term in touch screen iPods

If either of these types of damage has occurred to your iPod Touch, you can repair the LCD screen or the touch screen by ordering replacement parts. Here at RepairsUniverse, we not only offer great high quality parts that will allow you to repair the LCD screen of an iPod Touch or the touch screen of an iPod Touch, but we also offer free safe opening tools with every order and a free step-by-step repair guide for assistance with installation.

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