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iPhone 5 Leaked Video

May 30, 2018 | 0 Comments

iPhone 5 Leaked or an extremely good fake?

September the 12th is just around the corner. This is day the Apple launch their new version of the iPhone the iPhone 5.

A video has been leaked showing a possible prototype of the new iPhone 5 alongside the iPhone 4S. And it confirms several rumors we have already lead to believe are true.

Changes that stand out the most include:

  • Larger screen than the iPhone 4. Screen is about half an inch taller thought doesn't seem to be any wider.
  • New charging dock port. Much smaller than the old iPhone and iPod port we are used to
  • Headphone jack is now at the bottom of the phone. Not sure how this will go down?
  • The front camera is now in the center of the phone instead of just to left side.

What are you thoughts on the new iPhone? Could this video be a fake? Let us know your comments.


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