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iPhone 4 Glass Lens Replacement
iPhone 4 Glass Lens Replacement
iPhone 4 Glass Lens Replacement
iPhone 4 Glass Lens Replacement
iPhone 4 / 4S Glass Lens Replacement
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iPhone 4 / 4S Glass Lens Replacement

iPhone 4 / 4S Glass Lens Replacement

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Get a new iPhone 4 Glass Lens replacement part, in black, to fix a cracked or otherwise damaged iPhone 4 glass lens.

Important: The glass lens-only replacement part for the iPhone 4 is ONLY intended to be purchased by experienced repair technicians who have access to the proper machinery required to safely separate the glass lens from the LCD. Unless you, or someone you know, is a repair tech experienced in separating fused screens, do not attempt to separate the touch screen from the LCD screen on your device. You will likely cause more damage to your iPhone 4, increasing your costs and delaying your repair.

Disclaimer: if you are not a professional repair tech with the proper equipment to seperate the glass lens for a repair and you purchase this part anyways, RepairsUniverse is NOT responsible for any damage you cause to the lens or your device. No refund will be provided and no return for the glass lens replacement part will be accepted.

The best option for repairing your iPhone 4 glass lens is to order the appropriate iPhone 4 LCD + Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly part. With our free pry tool, and repair guide, provided with your order, and our iPhone 4 repair video, you can do the repair yourself. The screen replacement assembly will also resolve any unforeseen issues with your LCD screen as well.

Compatible with:

  • iPhone 4 (16GB, 32GB)
  • iPhone 4s

iPhone 4 Digitizer Screen Replacement Features:

  • Brand new, non-refurbished replacement part
  • 100% Factory-Tested
  • Order includes a FREE safe open pry tool for a faster and safer repair
  • Recommended for repair shops and experienced technicians only

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