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iPhone 5 Bottom Pentalobe Screws
iPhone 5 Bottom Pentalobe Screws
iPhone 5 Bottom Pentalobe Screws
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iPhone 5 Bottom Pentalobe Screws

iPhone 5 Bottom Pentalobe Screws

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Have you misplaced the two pentalobe screws located at the bottom of your iPhone 5? If you have ever taken apart an iPhone 5 you know how difficult it can be to keep track of all the tiny screws. This Black iPhone 5 Bottom Pentalobe Screw Set is just what you need if you lost the two screws located on each side of charge port.

Now you might think why something such as these two screws important to your iPhone 5. Well, if you are missing the bottom screws on your iPhone 5 the screen may not stay intact. These two screws primary function are to keep the screen assembly locked and secure to the housing. Also, these bottom screws ensure the screen will remain intact in the event your iPhone 5 happens to fall on the ground or endure forceful impact.

Replacing or installing these screws will require the use of an iPhone 5 Torx Screwdriver, which is also know as a "pentalobe screwdriver."

Don't have a black iPhone 5? We also carry Silver iPhone 5 Bottom Screws.

Compatible With:

  • iPhone 5


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  • Color perfectly matches the black iPhone 5
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