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LG Nexus 4 Adhesive Strip
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If you have a damaged screen on your Nexus 4, and are planning on replacing it with a new replacement screen, you will want to ensure the screen is properly secured to the frame. Customers are often tempted to use glue for this process. However, glue will make things messy and results in a less effective repair. At RepairsUniverse we never recommend using glue, instead we offer high quality adhesive strips designed specifically for your device.

This LG Nexus 4 Adhesive Strip is pre-cut and will fit perfectly on the replacement screen as well as the frame. Being that the adhesive strip is pre-cut, you won't have to worry about using scissors to complete the delicate process of cutting out the exact shape of the device. Order this adhesive strip for the LG Nexus 4 today and rest assured you have what you need to install and secure a new screen!


  • Brand new
  • Eliminates the need for glue / Easy to apply
  • Assists in the installation of a screen assembly
  • Pre-cut to fit perfectly
  • Fast shipping; more shipping options at checkout
  • Compatible with:

    • LG Nexus 4