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Samsung Galaxy S4 Home Button
Samsung Galaxy S4 Home Button
Samsung Galaxy S4 Home Button
Samsung Galaxy S4 Home Button
Samsung Galaxy S4 Home Button
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16 Piece Precision Repair Tool Kit

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Replacement

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Home Button

Samsung Galaxy S4 Home Button

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It is a lot less expensive to replace your black Samsung Galaxy S4 Home Button than to buy an entirely new phone. No matter what has happened, whether the button popped out, is stuck, cracked or lost its feel, you can replace it easily. This is especially true if the warranty on your Galaxy S4 has ended.

You will be glad to know that the Samsung GalaxyS4 is one of the easiest handsets to repair yourself. No need to spend a fortune taking to the dealer. Samsung designed the black Galaxy S4 in such a way that less adhesive glue is used so that it is simpler to take the phone apart and snap it all back together again. Installation is simple and only a few tools are needed.

In about five minutes, you and your phone will be up and running again. Quality parts ensure that there will be no visible difference between the original button and the replacement one.

Select the color of your original phone. You can tell your friends that you bought a new phone if you want to. Your secret is safe with us. We have the color to match your phone. Or, for the rebel in you, create a unique phone and order a different color home button then the body of the handset. Identify your phone easily amongst others.

With your order, we will include a FREE safe pry open tool to assist with disassembling your Samsung smartphone.

Compatible With the Following Models:

  • Samsung Galaxy S4


  • Brand new
  • Replacement home button
  • Black in color
  • Free safe open pry tool