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LG Voyager 10000 Take Apart Repair Guide

June 4, 2018 | 0 Comments

LG Voyager 10000 Take Apart Repair Guide

The RepairsUniverse team designed a take apart repair guide to show how to disassemble the LG Voyager smartphone quickly and safely. This written guide has been put together to help you install replacement parts to repair your damage phone.

This guide will help you install the following LG Voyager parts(s):

Tools Required:

Take apart repair guide:

  • To begin, remove the back cover, battery, and sim card.
  • As shown in Figure 1, there are six (6) small Phillips screws that need to be removed. These will have small plastic caps covering the screws. Use your pry tool to remove these caps.


Figure 1

  • Open the phone and locate the four screws as shown in Figure 2. These will also have the plastic caps covering the small Phillips screws.


Figure 2

  • Using a safe open pry tool, you can now pry between the keyboard and the housing. The keyboard will be clipped into place. Simply slide the pry tool along all edges to release these clips.


Figure 3

  • With the keyboard backing removed, release the one (1) pop connector on the motherboard, as shown in Figure 3.
  • You can now separate the screen section using a safe open pry tool. Work your way around all the edges, releasing the clips. Be careful as the two sections are still connected with a flex cable.


Figure 4

  • Gently release this one pop connector as shown in Figure 4.
  • There will now be four (4) small Phillips screws in each corner of the LCD screen that will need to be removed.
  • Using your safe open pry tool, lift the speaker and vibrate motor from the housing.
  • On the other side of the phone, begin peeling away the white button flex cable. It is held in place with adhesive. Take it slow and carefully peel it back.
  • Now, remove the LCD screen from the frame. This is held in place with strong adhesive. If necessary, use a heat gun or hair dryer to warm the adhesive. However, do not stay in one area too long. Use medium heat for about 30 seconds. Use a safe open pry tool and fully remove the display.

Simply replace the damaged parts with the new ones and reverse the order to put your phone back together again.


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