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Samsung Epic 4G Screen Repair Take Apart Guide

June 4, 2018 | 0 Comments

Samsung Epic 4G Screen Repair Take Apart Guide

View the downloadable version of our how to fix your Samsung Epic 4G screen guide.

This in depth repair guide is for the Samsung Epic 4G. Following this guide will allow you to safely and quickly repair damaged touch screen digitizer, LCD (AMOLED), and other internal parts. Disassemble your Epic 4G and get your Samsung smartphone working like new again!

This guide will help you to install the following Samsung Epic 4G part(s):

Tools Required:

Samsung Epic 4G Take Apart Guide

  • Remove the back battery cover by pressing in the button at the bottom of the phone, which will then loosen the cover. Then, you can remove the battery.
  • Now remove the back housing by removing six (6) screws that are holding it in place. There is one located at each corner and one on the center of each side.
  • Using the safe open pry tool, carefully insert the open pry tool in the crack between the back housing and the front housing of the phone. Start at the bottom, and gently loosen, working your way all the way around the phone. Then remove the back housing by pulling it gently away from the front part of the phone.
  • Next, use the open pry tool to unlock the keyboard and antenna clips. These are located at the left side of the motherboard, and appear as flat pieces of metal. Using the open pry tool, carefully insert it beneath them and press upward, to bend them into a straight up position instead of flat with the board as they currently are.

Figure 1


  • Then you will disconnect the antenna wire, which appears as a small white wire on the right side of the battery location (shown in figure 1). Using nippers, gently pull up on the top and bottom parts of this wire to disconnect it from the phone. Do not fully remove it, simply disconnect it and leave it as it is.
  • Remove the loud speaker from the bottom of the phone by removing one small screw on the bottom left that holds the loud speaker in place.
  • At this point, everything should be disconnected so that you can gently remove the entire motherboard from the phone�s housing.
  • Remove the keyboard frame by removing four screws from the center of the phone. Two of these are located in the black plastic beneath where the motherboard was located. Then, removing the sticker beneath the battery housing (as shown in figure 2) with the safe open pry tool to reveal two more screws that need to be removed. Then, gently pull up on the keyboard frame and it should come off without difficulty.

Figure 2


  • Now you will remove the C side housing by removing four screws located in a row, beneath the flex cable that is still hanging in place. Then you can remove the C side housing, but be careful not to damage the flex cable as it maneuvers through the hole.
  • Remove the slide rail by removing four screws, one at each corner. Two of these screws have rubber round covers that will need to be removed with nippers and placed aside. Use the open safe pry tool to pry apart at the top and bottom of the phone. Then move to the sides, where there are six (6) total clips holding the slide rail in place-3 on each side. Using the open pry tool, careful pry apart the sides, being careful not to damage the flex cable. Try to have all sides pried apart before pulling off the slide rail.
  • Now remove the slide rail flex cable by using nippers to remove the small blue pieces of tape, as shown in figure 3.

Figure 3


  • The odd-shaped black cable beneath the tape is the slide rail flex cable. By removing the front camera flex cable gently (a beige small cable located behind the camera lens) with nippers, you will be able to pry up the last end of the slide rail flex cable, and gently remove it.

Now your Samsung Epic 4G will be completely taken apart allowing you to install any replacement parts you have purchased. Keep all parts together in the order you took them apart, and simply reverse the order to put the phone back together.



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