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Reasons to Repair - E-Waste

May 30, 2018 | 0 Comments

Cell phones are one of the most universally thrown away electronic device around all first world countries. Repairs Universe takes a stand on the matter by offering an affordable way to reduce e-waste while saving them money. By fixing the issue, rather than purchasing a new device, you prevent yet another device full of toxic metals and components from being put in a landfill.

E-waste is electronic devices and components that are unusable in the current form and can either be stripped down to get the valuable metals inside or burned/destroyed. The amount of e-waste has grown sharply as prices of electronics have dropped, development in the industry has soared, and the addition of engineered obsolescence. The current standpoint in the majority of people in first world countries is to throw away the old, damaged, or broken device and buy a new one. The big issue comes when all the toxins found in electrical devices seep into the ground and water supplies.


The process of E-Recycling is quite expense and labor intensive. Although there are some codes guiding the disposal of electronics, it is much cheaper to send the e-waste to developing countries and allow them to deal with the issue. Cargo containers full of e-waste are stripped down, salvaged, reused, melted, and disposed of, further contaminating the ground water and air.

The term e-waste can be referred to as the full device or only the parts that cannot be reused or salvaged. Most commonly it is a full broken device which has not been recycled in a proper manner. The safely surrounding the idea of salvaging e-waste is horrific. Many parts have coatings of the worst chemicals that are normally burned to gain access to other parts that can be salvaged. Even in first world countries, the industry takes much risk by dealing with e-waste.

So how can this issue be stopped? Use your electronics as long as you possibly can. Do not join the throw-away society where once the newer model comes out, you throw away the old one and buy a new one. Another great aspect of this is being able to repair your device if it becomes damaged. Why toss your device if you can repair it and make it fully functional again? This is a great way to hold more value upon your device if it ever does become obsolete to you. Donating or selling a device is a great way to give other people a chance to enjoy and reduces e-waste.

Help us save the planet by contributing to our goal of repairing rather than replacing. Being able to reduce e-waste by offering replacement parts for your electronic devices is a truly gratifying felling that we know you will enjoy as well!

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