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Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Protector
Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Protector
Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Protector
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This Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Protector is now available at RepairsUniverse! A device like the Galaxy S4 is meant to be clearly viewed without distractions of any kind. For that reason, if you own an S4, consider ordering this screen protector and ensure your screen is effectively protected the way it should be. The longer period of time you own your phone, the greater chance it's screen has incurred annoying blemishes like scuffs, nicks, or even scratches. This is due to normal wear and tear, however it can be prevented!

This high quality Galaxy S4 screen protector is available at a low cost and is a convenient way to keep your device scratch free. The protection screen can be easily applied by simply peeling off the adhesive and placing it on the phone's screen. Additionally, it's clear/see-through design blends in with the glass touch screen, and is not easily detectable! It should be mentioned that this screen protector for the Galaxy S4 won't protect against more extreme damage like a cracked or shattered screen, but it will certainly protect from bothersome blemishes such as a scratch. No need to hesitate, order this Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Protector, and make sure the crystal clear glass screen on your S4 stays that way!


  • Brand new / High quality
  • Perfect fit on the Galaxy S4
  • Easily applied / See-through (clear)
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