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LG ENV3 9200 Take Apart Repair Guide

June 4, 2018 | 0 Comments

LG ENV3 9200 Take Apart Repair Guide

This guide will help you take apart the LG ENV3 VX9200 fairly easily in a step by step manner giving you a chance to replace faulty parts in particular the LCD. Once you have replaced the parts you want, the guide can be used in reverse to put everything back together again.

This guide should help you replace the following parts:

  • LG Env3 VX9200 LCD Screen Replacement


LG ENV3 VX9200 take apart repair guide:

  • The first step is to remove the battery, the SIM card, the micro SD card and make sure that your phone is completely powered off prior to taking it apart.
  • Using a pry tool or small flat-head screwdriver you can remove the covers under which the screws are located near the edge of the hinge. These can easily be popped out.
  • Using a Small Phillips screwdriver you should easily be able to remove the five screws located on the back cover.

  • The next step requires that you open all the covers which should prevent cracking the case when you try to open it. This can easily be achieved using the safe open pry tool. The edge is held in place with snaps which should come apart with some force.
  • The next step requires that you flip the cable connected to the logic board, and then remove the logic PCB. At this point you should also be able to lift off the keyboard from the phone's frame as well.
  • You will need to bend the frame around the clips near the hinges. You should bend the outer edge in the direction of the screen in order to get it past the post.

  • The next step involves getting the mechanism side off. You will need to bend the left edge in the outside direction and it should come right off.
  • You will now need to remove the covers of the four screws as well as the four small silver colored screws. Stick the screw covers on to a clean surface so that they can be reused when you put it back together again.
  • Using the safe open pry tool you can snap apart the cover as you did with the bottom case. Near the new screen there is a little more left to be removed which involves some soldering.
  • The snap connectors of the LCD and the keypad need to be de soldered. This can be achieved by pulling the edge of the connector slightly and using the top of the soldering iron to melt the solder before you pull it apart.

  • You will now be faced with two silver screws in the LCD frame which need to be removed. You will have to remove two sets of silver tape and one blue. You can stick this tape to your table which comes in handy when you are reassembling the phone.
  • Using the safe open pry tool you can now un stick the connector of the earpiece.
  • At this point your phone has been completely disassembled and you can now remove the LCD and replace it with a new one.

The LG ENV3 VX9200 is completely disassembled. You can replace faulty and broken parts and follow this guide in reverse to put everything back together again. However make sure that you follow proper soldering protocol to avoid personal injury and damage to your device.


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